The Young AlchemistI always knew that I wanted to be a writer; in fact I sometimes think that if you cut me in half I’d have “writer” printed through my core like a stick of rock! I started my writing career earlier than most, aged four and a half when I would enthral my family with “The Adventures of PigDog” and “The Nutwerts of Nutwood”, excitedly recounting each chapter at tea time. Well that’s the way I like to remember it anyway. Unfortunately these early literary masterpieces have been lost forever and all that remains are fading memories and the occasional family “in joke”.

Throughout my schooling I continued to write, experimenting with different genres. I even dabbled with Epic Poetry until my literary dreams were quashed by my career’s advisor. I was told I had to put aside childish dreams of becoming a writer, knuckle down and get a “proper job”. Unfortunately I heeded this advice and was sucked into the “live to work con” for over two decades. My life would have continued along this road if I hadn’t required major surgery in 2008.

Although my condition wasn’t life threatening it did require a long recuperation. Worried about the emotional scars created by my illness a close and wise girlfriend suggested that I used writing as part of my convalescence. Thinking that this was a good idea I took up my pen again and waited for inspiration. As fate would have it I didn’t have to wait long as I was soon inspired by my god-daughter to write about bottom biting bears and a fairy called Isadora.

The rest as they say is history.

The cheeky bears have now been joined by 25 other make-believe animals that distract children at bedtime. Their night-time antics are recorded as “Bottom Biting Bears and Other Bedtime Beasties” an A-Z of humorous poems enjoyed by children aged five to ninety-five. Isadora now has a series of books about the adventures that she and her human friend Nicci have as they complete the “Test for Princessness” and come face to face with a Soup Dragon.

What is my current “proper job”?: Well I’m now a writing mentor, The Book Alchemist ™, who helps people turn their family history research into a written legacy for their children, grandchildren and beyond.

As for PigDog, I’m under pressure to write some more adventures as I have an artist friend who wants to work on the illustrations. You never know …