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The “Was Grandad a Spy?” virtual boot camp is a 12 module in-depth training course designed to teach you everything you need to know about writing and self publishing your family’s history.  Based on my unique writing blueprint “The Publishing Pentangle (TM)” the course takes you through the five key phases involved as you plan, produce, perfect, publish and promote your book.  Whilst the course is delivered over a 12 weeks period you can complete the work at a much slower pace if this suits you.

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The One Million Memoirs project
The One Million Memoirs project

Today’s reliance on technology and the Internet means that there is a real risk that generations of information could be lost for ever.  Passwords get forgotten and social media accounts are closed.  In addition “bit rot” means that computer files can’t be opened either because their programs or hardware have become obsolete.

The One Million Memoirs project is an attempt to reduce these risks.  By writing our memoirs we can help ensure that genealogists in 100 years time with have content rich sources of information about the lives of ordinary people at the beginning of the 21st Century.    To learn more click on the logo to visit the website.