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The “Was Grandad a Spy?” virtual boot camp will help you if you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the tasks ahead
  • confused about where to start or what to do next
  • suffering from lack of support and encouragement
  • struggling with too much material that you want to include
  • concerned that you don’t have enough content to fill a whole book
  • worried that your book won’t stand out from the crowd
  • convinced that the quality of your writing is not good enough
  • frightened of making mistakes because you don’t know anything about publishing
  • frustrated by lack of time to get your thoughts down on paper
  • scared of making spelling mistakes and know that your grammar isn’t great either


 Turning your family history research into a book will:

  • get your research off the computer
  • share your family’s stories in a more tangible way
  • celebrate the lives of your ancestors
  • give you a great sense of personal achievement
  • help your children’s development and ability to cope with life


During the “Was Grandad a Spy?” virtual boot camp you will:

  • develop your unique writing style
  • be guided through the 5 vital stages of writing and publishing your book
  • avoid the most common mistakes made when writing non-fiction
  • increase your creativity
  • maximise your productivity especially when time is limited
  • improve your ability to edit and proof read your own work
  • identify and deal with your personal “WritingDragons™”
  • be able to spot and, therefore, avoid scam publishing companies
  • have the confidence to write more books in the future


Let’s focus on answering some of your questions


When does the “Was Grandad a Spy?” virtual boot camp start?

As this is a home study boot camp it starts immediately and you can access the material to fit in with your own workload.

Where does the boot camp take place?

You don’t have to travel to the boot camp because everything is delivered on-line via a secure website to which you have access 24/7.  This means you can work on the material at a time that suits you.

What happens if I fall behind with the work?

Firstly don’t panic because you will have access to all the training material for longer than 12 weeks.  In fact you will have access to the material for as long as I continue to use this particular secure training platform.

Do I need to have any previous writing experience?

Previous writing experience is not a prerequisite for the course.  If you can talk passionately and knowledgeably about your family’s story you can develop a writing style that shares your ancestor’s lives in an enjoyable and interesting way.  The “Was Grandad a Spy?” boot camp also includes many techniques to help you improve the quality of your writing.

Do you guarantee that I will get a publishing deal at the end of the “Was Grandad a Spy?” boot camp?

In a word: “no”. Whilst I can teach you everything I know about how to write a great quality book the responsibility of putting it into practice is your responsibility, not mine.  The aim of the boot camp is to ensure that you write a great book that will improve your chances of securing a publishing deal should you decide to go down that route.  This is why the boot camp is called “Was Grandad a Spy?” and not 12 Weeks to Securing a Publishing Deal!


All training material is delivered via a secure website

Training material is available 24/7

A secure discussion forum is provided for additional support


Normal RRP £247.00



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